Family: Bethylidae

hbitěnkovití, bethylids, Plattwespen

Dryinidae and Embolemidae










A cosmopolitan family with about 2,200 species classified in six subfamilies; four of them (Mesitiinae, Pristocerinae, Epyrinae and Bethylinae) also occur in the Czech Republic. Adults are small to medium size, usually black or brown coloured insects with more or less flattened body and stout legs. Head is distinctive with usually relatively small or reduced eyes and ocelli, prognathous mouthparts and 12 to13 segmented antennae in both sexes. Males are almost alate, females alate or with reduced (micropterous or brachypterouse forms) or absent wings; females of some species are pterygopolymorphic. The wing venation in some species is strongly reduced. Members of this family are ectoparasitoids of larvae and occasionally of pupae of Coleoptera and Lepidoptera.

Altogether 37 species are known from the Czech Republic (27 from Bohemia, 26 from Moravia).

Determination keys: Czech Republic and Slovakia: Bouček (1957) (genera); British Islands: Perkins (1976), Richards (1939) (species); World: Kieffer (1914) (species); Terayama (2003) (subfamilies, tribes, and genera).

Checklists: Czech Republic and Slovakia: Macek et al. (2007); Germany: Rond (2001); World: Gordh & Móczár (1990), Polaszek & Krombein (1994).

BETHYLIDAE Haliday, 1839        
PRISTOCERINAE Dalla Torre, 1898        
Parascleroderma Kieffer, 1904        
P. fuscipennis Kieffer, 1905 B      
P. nigriceps Kieffer, 1904   M    
P. rugosulum Kieffer, 1906 B M    
Pristocera Klug, 1808        
P. depressa (Fabricius, 1805)   M EN  
Pseudisobrachium Kieffer , 1904        
P. subcyaneum (Haliday, 1838) B      
P. fialai Hoffer, 1935   M    
EPYRINAE Berland, 1928        
Epyris Westwood, 1832        
E. bayeri Hoffer, 1935 B M    
E. marshalli Kieffer, 1906 B      
E. minor Kieffer, 1906   M    
E. niger Westwood, 1832  B M    
Holepyris Kieffer, 1905        
H. sylvanidis (Brethes, 1913) B      
Laelius Ashmead, 1856        
L. anthrenivorus Tranii, 1909  B M    
L. bipartitus Kieffer, 1906 B M    
L. pedatus (Say, 1836) B      
Rhabdepyris Kieffer, 1904        
R. fuscipes Kieffer, 1906 B M    
R. pallidinervis Kieffer, 1906   M    
Sclerodermus Latreille, 1809        
S. domesticus Klug, 1809    M    
Cephalonomia Westwood, 1833        
C. cisidophaga Strejček, 1990  B   CR  
C. formiciformis Westwood, 1833  B M    
C. gallicola (Ashmead, 1887) B      
C. tarsalis (Ashmead, 1893) B M    
C. waterstoni Gaham, 1931 B      
Plastanoxus Kieffer, 1905        
P. chittendenii (Ashmead, 1893) B   EN  
P. westwoodi (Kieffer, 1914) B M    
MESITIINAE Berland, 1928        
Codorcas Nagy 1972        
C. cursor (Kieffer, 1906)   M    
Heterocoelia Dahlbom, 1854        
H. halidaiella (Westwood, 1874) B M EN  
H. hungarica (Kieffer, 1906) B M EN  
Clytrovorus Nagy, 1972        
C. fuscicornis (Kieffer, 1906)   M EN  
BETHYLINAE Berlad, 1928        
Bethylus Latreille, 1802        
B. arcuatus Kieffer, 1905 B   EN  
B. boops (Thomson, 1862)  B M    
B. cephalotes (Foerster, 1860)   M    
B. coniceps (Kieffer, 1904)   M    
B. fuscicornis (Jurine, 1807) B M    
B. nitidus (Thomson, 1862) B M    
Goniozus Foerster, 1856        
G. claripennis (Foerster, 1851) B M    
G. mobilis Foerster, 1860    M EN  


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